Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Stone Mountain with Jessica

Today, the middle of the last week before school starts on Monday, Elyse went to spend the afternoon with Granny and Pa and Jessica and I went to Stone Mountain.

First, Jessica wanted to go to "the old houses" (now called "The Historic Square," formerly the "Antebellum Plantation"), so we did:

 (Jessica took this one.)

(Jessica took this picture of me taking a selfie, though not actually the one below.) 

We also went to the Farmyard within the Historic Square, where a friendly goat tried to eat my shirt.

(Jessica took this, either before or after but definitely not during the attempted shirt-eating.) 

Finally we went to the old marina, so we could look at the now-neglected riverboat the Henry W. Grady (you can barely see it in this picture, but just typing the word "riverboat" makes me want to read some Mark Twain), and find out a little about the current REI kayak rental options:

We picked up Elyse from Granny and Pa's house at about 4:30, and then came home, where Mommy was waiting for us.

Tomorrow we go to the open house at J.C. Magill and find out who the girls teachers are!

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