Sunday, September 27, 2015

Elyse at the County Fair

Today, Elyse and her Mommy went to the Gwinnett County Fair in Lawrenceville. They had a great time and spent a lot of money on food.

(All of these pictures were taken by Anna. Unfortunately, Elyse didn't take any pictures of Anna while they were there.)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Girl Scout Re-Dedication and Stone Mountain

Today we went to Briscoe Park in Snellville so Jessica could participate in her Girl Scouts troop's rededication ceremony, which many troops begin their meeting year with as "an opportunity for girls and adults to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law" (as the Girl Scouts Web site describes it). Even though she's not in Jessica's troop, or even officially in any troop at all, Elyse also participated (until she decided it would be more interesting to play on the playground).

After that, we went to Stone Mountain, which, despite it being one of our favorite places, we hadn't visited in several months. Mommy and Elyse climbed to the top of the mountain while Jessica and I took the skylift up.

After we walked around the top for a while, all three girls walked down while I took the skylift down so I could get the car. (Parking for the walk-up trail is about a mile and a half away from parking from the skylift; we didn't want to all walk down the mountain, and then have to walk another mile and a half to get back to the car.)

We spent quite a while inside the Confederate Hall Historical & Environmental Education Center, where Jessica took dozens of pictures of us and the various geological and natural exhibits. Here are a few of her pictures:

(She told Elyse to pretend she was touching the super-hot molten core of the Earth)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Jupiter Loves Mommy's Pillow

Jupiter loves Mommy's pillow! This is where he can be found in the morning after she goes to work: