Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jessica Makes the A/B Honor Roll

This afternoon I went to the awards ceremony for the first nine weeks of school at Jessica's school. Jessica's been dreading this for days, fearing that she would have to get up on stage to receive her certificate.

Well, she did get an award--she made the A/B Honor Roll for having all S's or E's on her first report card--but Mrs. Elrod walked up with her, and she didn't have to go up on an actual stage (though she did have to stand in the front of the cafeteria with all the other kids who made the honor roll).

She was nervous, but she survived. I was nervous too. I also survived.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Jessica Coloring Hello Kitty on a Sick Day

Jessica has had a bad cold for about a week now. Today she stayed home from school sick, which meant she missed her class's field trip to Washington Farms in Watkinsville, GA, but since she went there last year with her kindergarten class, she wasn't too upset.

After we took Elyse to school, we stopped at Target to get a couple of things, one of which turned out to be a Hello Kitty activity book. She spent much of the morning and afternoon working on it:

(Trying to decide how to decorate Hello Kitty's dress) 

("Prass" spells Princess, according to Jessica.) 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stone Mountain Park Grist Mill

This morning while Jessica and Elyse were both in school, I went to Stone Mountain Park to take some pictures. Here are three pictures I made in the Grist Mill area: