Sunday, September 29, 2013

McDaniel Farm Park

This afternoon we went to McDaniel Farm Park to do some walking in (or at least near) the woods. Here are a couple of pictures I took there:

Jessica Among the Pines

Fairy Woodland

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Portrait

We made this family portrait at the beginning of September to give to my mother and Anna's mother for their birthdays:

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Day Off for Elyse

Elyse has had either a cold or allergies lately; she's been coughing a lot--though mostly when she's sitting or laying down, and not so much when she's up and doing things--and her nose is running like crazy. This morning she said she didn't want to go to school, which she says pretty much every morning, but this morning she really seemed to mean it. She fell asleep on the way, and she was snoring pretty hard by the time we got there, so I just let her sleep in the car and went in and told Mrs. Quick that Elyse wouldn't be in school today--but I might be bringing her back for ballet, depending.

So Elyse and I took a car nap on the edge of the church parking lot until she woke up, right around 10:00, and then we went and had a nice morning together. We went to the McDonald's in Lilburn and had hotcakes and sausage (and hash browns and chocolate milk), and then we went to the City of Lilburn park and played and walked around for over an hour. ("I'm too sick to go to school," Elyse said, "but not too sick to play on the playground.") We had a good time.

I did take her back to school for ballet at 12:15, and she did fine. Her nose was still running, but I think the other girls' noses were running too. She's really excited about ballet, and wanted to be there.

We hope she gets better soon, but it was kind of nice to have a morning with Elyse today. She and I haven't had that in a few weeks, now that school has started and she's going five days a week, and I miss it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Stone Mountain Village Details

This morning while my girls were in school, I went to Stone Mountain Village to take some pictures.

What I found I was most interested in was the texture, shape, line, geometry, pattern, and color of what I found there, but not necessarily "representative" art. These aren't abstracts, I don't think, but it's not important to me that you know that, to pick one example, it's a picture of a window in the old train depot; I just want to focus attention for a minute on the geometry of the frame, the texture of the granite and the wood and the cracking paint, the contrast between the color of the stone and the color of the wood, and the shadow that seems to be slithering up (or perhaps down) the window and onto the sill.

It's about details that are easy to miss, but when you do notice them, they're really quite beautiful.

(This isn't true of every single one of these fifteen pictures, but it is of most of them.)

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Jessica lost another tooth! This is the third tooth she's lost, though it's been quite a while--like two years, I think--since she lost the first two. It's one of her front teeth this time. It came out in the middle of the night, but she says it didn't hurt at all.

(She lost the tooth in the middle of the night on Thursday, September 5, so that's how I'm dating this post, regardless of the fact that I'm actually writing this a whole week later.)