Friday, December 13, 2002

A Few Pictures

Chris and Annie in the basement studio:

Chris--A Self-Portrait:

Chris--Self-Portrait 2:

Chris--Self-Portrait 3:

Anna at a lake in Alabama:

Anna with laptop and headphones, attending her on-line class:


* * *
I originally posted this on the old Planet Burdett Web site, and added it to the family blog version on November 13, 2017--close to fifteen years later. Tesseract is still with us, and still looks basically the same!

Sunday, March 24, 2002

A Drive Down U.S. Highway 441: A Photo Journal

Driving the Old Road

This weekend, my wife Anna went to Akron, Ohio, to visit her sister Theresa for Theresa's twenty-third birthday. I took the opportunity to go on a road trip down U.S. Highway 441 from Madison, GA, to just north of the Florda line. I took over a hundred pictures along the way (actually, a lot more than that, but I deleted the less-than-impressive half of them); here are twenty of my favorites.

U.S. Highway 441, Eatonton, GA

"For Sale -- Land Zoned C-2", South of Madison, GA

Stairs going up the observation tower at Rock Eagle, Rock Eagle, GA

Self-portrait, looking out of the observation tower at Rock Eagle, Rock Eagle, GA

Henderson Grove Baptist Church sign, North of Eatonton, GA

"Hot Boild P-Nuts", North of Eatonton, GA

Door not recently opened, Eatonton, GA

"Happy China Chinese Restaurant" (where I had lunch!), Eatonton, GA

Miniature table and chair, Eatonton, GA

Bar-covered window, Eatonton, GA

Close-up of a hand-woven basket in the Uncle Remus Museum in Eatonton, birthplace of Joel Chandler Harris, Eatonton, GA

Self-portrait with car, Milledgeville, GA

Campus Theater, Milledgeville, GA

A tree grows in Milledgeville -- here's the shadow to prove it!, Milledgeville, GA

A lonely cabin on a big pasture, South of McRae, GA

Old house and tree, South of McRae, GA

"Crappie poles on sale now", Douglas, GA

"Danger Current On", Power switch on abandoned Meadow Gold Ice Cream building, Douglas, GA

Two windows in the Meadow Gold building. Douglas, GA

A beautiful ending to the day, North of Dublin, GA

* * *

(I originally published this travelogue on my AOL Web site on the dates shown above, and transferred it to our family blog in late October of 2017.)