Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Mom and Elyse Go Camping

Anna and Elyse camped at Stone Mountain, as has become their annual custom, for the past three days. Here are some of the pictures they texted me from their outing:

Years ago, when Anna and I used to while away a Saturday afternoon reading on the lawn, we would often get frozen lemonade. They still sell it!

Elyse on the train

This picture and the next show this year's train-ride drama at Pebble Ridge -- which involved dinosaurs escaping and being hunted down. "At least it's different from past years' dramas," Anna texted me.

This is intended to simulate some sort of underwater scene with jellyfish. It just looks creepy to me, but I wasn't there.

"The only thing at the end of this yellow brick road," they told me, "was a bathroom!"

The Laser Show -- which they attended Monday night

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