Saturday, February 2, 2019

Vines Gardens with Elyse

Today while Jessica was out having lunch with Pa for her birthday present (they went to Steak & Shake and then Book Nook) and Mom was out grocery shopping, Elyse wanted to go to Vines Gardens to walk around and take some pictures. So we did! Here are sixteen of the pictures from our walk:

She wanted me to take some pictures from across the lake:

She thought this was a good pose for a picture:

She was amazed that there is a palm tree there now (near where the green house used to be). She thought it felt funny:

In mid-twirl:

She thought her doing a split on a bench would make a good picture:

She was please with her ability to balance on the Asian Garden's boardwalk's posts:

On our way home, we stopped at Publix and got little chocolate-covered donuts for a snack! (But I didn't take any pictures of them.)

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