Saturday, February 23, 2019

Father-Daughter Dance

Tonight Elyse and I went to the Father-Daughter Dance at her school. Anna took this picture of us before we left:

Here are a couple of pictures I took of Elyse there:

and a selfie we made together while we were waiting to get our formal pictures taken:

Elyse took this picture of me in the gym:

It was very well attended, though this picture doesn't quite indicate just how busy and full the gym really was:

It was a masquerade ball, and they provided masks for the girls (and anyone else who wanted to put one on, I suppose), but Elyse couldn't quite settle on one to wear for the night and didn't bring one home. But she did try on a few, including this one that she had to hold in place:

Some of the really good desserts:

This is the formal portrait we had made:

(Yes, I did pay for the rights to it so I can legally post it case you were wondering.)

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