Saturday, November 10, 2018

Goodbye, Tessie

This morning was heartbreaking. We said goodbye to Tesseract. We miss her terribly.

Here she is about five months ago, keeping Elyse company one night while Elyse read in our bed:

Tessie was only about three months short of her eighteenth birthday, which is quite old for a cat. Her health had been deteriorating rapidly for the past couple of weeks, though, and her quality of life was really suffering, and it was, we are so sorry to say, her time to go. She was a wonderful companion, especially for Anna, and her departure has left a big hole in our lives.

When Anna and I got married we had six cats, which didn't seem like a lot in those pre-kids days. After Jessica was born, and especially after we had Elyse, six started to seem like an awful lot of cats. We may have come to think of six cats as too many, but now no cats living with us is definitely way too few.

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