Sunday, October 21, 2018

Serendipity 2018

This weekend Anna and the girls went to Serendipity, the annual Girl Scout gathering at Camp Meriwether. They've been going every year for quite a while now; I believe this was Anna and Jessica's sixth year there, and Elyse's fourth.

Here are some pictures Anna texted me of their activities:

(You might be able to tell in this picture that it rained some of the time.)

(Elyse really enjoyed archery.)

You might notice that Elyse is in different clothes in the picture immediately above than she is in the others. By this point she had changed into her ballet outfit so should could do the dance she's been rehearsing for weeks now--her own take on "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy--at the talent show. They tell me it went very well. Unfortunately, they had to use Anna's phone to play the music, so she couldn't take any pictures. (Note to anyone reading this years in the future: Yes, in 2018 we use things we call "phones" to play music and take pictures. They are also occasionally used to make calls, but frankly not the often.)

I don't know if this picture was taken before or after her talent-show performance, but I do know it was taken at sunset:

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