Thursday, June 14, 2018

Miscellaneous Recent Pictures

Here are several pictures from the past few weeks (except for the first one, which is from January), some of which I took myself, some of which were texted to me:

Jessica, shortly before we moved out of our house in Loganville:

A few pictures from Elyse's Field Day, near the end of second grade at Magill:

Anna texted me this picture from one of their many recent Girl Scout trips:

Anna texted me this picture from Savannah while she and Jessica were there with their Girl Scout troop:

Here's Elyse, eating a cake pop and waiting out a thunderstorm in the cafe at Target, on the weekend that Mommy and Jessica were in Savannah:

The sky over Target after the storm:

Elyse in my bed reading with Tessie:

Me in the part-time instructors' office at Gwinnett Tech on the first day of summer semester:

Jessica set up, took, and edited this picture, and then texted it to me:

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