Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Today, Jessica is eleven years old!

We got a late start on our celebration because we had to wait for my car to be ready at the car place where it was being fixed, and then go pick it up so we could return Pa's truck to him (I'd been driving it for the last few days while my car was being worked on).

We met Granny and Pa at Subway (Jessica's choice) to get sandwiches to take back to Granny and Pa's house (also Jessica's choice), but we didn't actually sit down to eat until about 7:00, by which time Elyse was tired and cranky. She laid down on the sofa and slept through Jessica opening presents:

It's hard to believe Jessica is only a couple of years away from being a true teenager. In many ways, she already is one; she's certainly working on developing a teenager's attitude and sense of independence.

We're proud of her and so happy to have her in our lives! I just wish, as I've probably written dozens of times in the past few years, that I could figure out a way to make it all slow down.

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