Thursday, September 14, 2017

Miscellaneous Recent Pictures

Here, in no particular order (except mostly chronological, actually), are some pictures I've taken with my cell phone recently, starting with these lizards (either Chinese water dragons or bearded lizards; I don't remember which) at PetSmart:

A rock I saw at Vines Gardens:

Me, at Vines Gardens:

The girls painting at Granny and Pa's house, on the day we went to celebrate Granny's birthday:

Jessica, a little lost in the maze at Vines Gardens:

Me and Jessica at Vines Gardens, with a painted rock in the tree behinds us:

A tree that blew over in our neighborhood during the storm last Monday (September 11th):

I can't really represent this in a picture, but today, Thursday, September 14th, is the first day the girls have gone to school this week. The hurricane that wrecked large parts of Florida over the weekend and blew through Georgia as a tropical storm on Monday did enough damage in our area, including lots of power outages, to cause Gwinnett County schools to be closed for three days. Anna is home today again, since Rockdale County schools are still closed.

Our house and yard suffered no damage during the storm, and our electricity only blinked out for a few seconds at a time three or four times on Monday.

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