Friday, September 29, 2017

Elyse on Skates

Elyse and her mommy went to the school skating night at Sparkles last night, and Anna sent me this picture:

Unfortunately, Elyse got sick on the way home with what we think is a stomach bug and won't be going to school today.


It's 11:45, and Elyse and Tessie are sleeping on the sofa. "My Little Pony" is still playing on the TV, as it has been for about five hours now, but I'm not going to stop it...I kind of enjoy it.

Another update:

Elyse woke up a little after noon, crying and saying her throat hurts. Poor little bear! That's better than throwing up, though, which is what she did several times throughout the night last night.

One final update:

She went back to sleep at about 12:25. I hope she sleeps a good long time; she really needs the rest.

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