Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Elyse wanted to see some real fireworks for the Fourth of July, so tonight at about 9:00 she and I drove over to Snellville.

Holy cow, was it crowded!

I had planned to park in the Ollie's parking lot at 78 and Wisteria, right across the street from the church from which the fireworks were being launched, but that was already crammed full (and probably had been for hours). We drove around for a few minutes, passing one full parking lot after another, even driving up to St. Matthew's before I realized that St. Matthew's is too far away to see much of anything (the parking lot, not surprisingly, was empty).

I said to Elyse, "I'm sorry, honey, I didn't know there would be this many people," and she said, "Well, you should have. People like to see fireworks!" She was right, of course.

Finally we found a parking lot at a medical complex on Oak Road, just past and across from the RaceTrac, that had some parking spots. It was a decent place to view the fireworks display, if a bit farther than I'd intended to be. The first couple of pictures below give a pretty good idea of our vantage point:

 (The bright light above the fireworks burst is a streetlight that was much closer to us than the fireworks.)

Fortunately, our eyes are pretty good at tuning out those distracting details, and my camera has a zoom lens (and I can crop on the computer), so we were able to enjoy the fireworks display.

We stayed until it was over, then went all the way up Oak Road to the Kroger so I could get some gas (otherwise we might not have made it back), then headed back to Loganville, passing by lots of police officers directing traffic through the very busy Snellville streets. We got back home at about 10:45, and it took Elyse only a couple of minutes to get to sleep once she got into bed.

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