Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stone Mountain Dinosaurs -- Again

This afternoon we went to Stone Mountain, primarily to get the girls' membership cards made, which we accomplished, but also to get some candy from the hundred-dollars-a-pound candy store (it's not really that much, but almost), and, because Elyse wanted to, to see the dinosaurs again.

We didn't take any pictures of the candy, but here are some of the dinosaurs (and us). The first three are the girls waiting to get their membership cards made:

(You might notice that all three of these are the same picture, cropped different ways.)

This is Jessica taking a picture:

And here's the picture Jessica took:

Anna was not intimidated by the T. Rex:

Here again is Jessica taking a picture:

And the picture she took:

All of the pictures from here to the end of this post were taken by Jessica:

A couple of Jessica's selfies:

And a few backseat selfies with both girls:

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