Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jessica in the Woods

Looking through the recent posts on this blog, I noticed that there are quite a lot of pictures of Elyse, and not that many of Jessica. In many ways that's understandable; Elyse is the more outgoing of the two, and Jessica doesn't always like to have her picture taken.

But in an attempt to try to give my older daughter equal coverage--whether she wants it or not--here are some pictures I took of her a few weeks ago--on the same day Elyse went to Tree Top Quest, in fact; that Sunday, Jessica and I went to Vines Gardens and wandered around in the woods for a while (and got lost, and ended up at Grayson High School):

I'm happy to say we made it home (a little later than we'd planned, but with a half-gallon of ice cream we stopped at the store to get) unafflicted by either poison ivy or ticks. The ice cream was really good.

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