Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter (and My Birthday)

Today we went to Granny and Pa's house (that is, my parents' house) for Easter, and also to celebrate my birthday. Here's the cake my wonderful wife baked (and my kids helped decorate) for my birthday; you can't tell, but it's red velvet:

Here's the supper table before anyone sat down to eat:

and Jessica's bizarre biscuit and ham and whatever-that-thing-is creation:

The girls talking after the meal:

Though it probably won't be long before she's too old for it, Jessica participates in the Easter Egg Hunt with great enthusiasm:

Annie taking a picture of the girls:

Elyse's haul for the day:

I snapped this selfie to record what I look like at the age of fifty, on Easter:

Before we left, Elyse and Jessica put on a show for us; Elyse was the dancer, and Jessica (unseen in any of these photographs but definitely heard by those who were there) was the choreographer:

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