Friday, April 7, 2017

Dinosaur Explore (and Lots of Other Stuff) at Stone Mountain

Today (the last day of Anna's and the girls' spring break) we went to Stone Mountain to (among other things) see their current Dinosaur Explore attraction ("New & Only in 2017" the Web site tells us). The girls were a little nervous about seeing the dinosaurs, so we started at the Historic Square, formerly called the Plantation:

This is Jessica taking a picture of Elyse with Mommy's cell phone; maybe later I'll get that picture and post it here:

This is me taking a picture of me:

There was an Easter Clown Bubble Lady there, who delighted Elyse and bothered Jessica:

At this point, Elyse and Mommy were actually leaving Dinosaur Explore near the end of our visit, but I put it here first as a kind of establishing shot:

Jessica, the Dino Ranger (no relation to our own Jessica), greets people as they enter Dinosaur Explore. Here she's posing for a picture with somebody else's kids (I cropped the other kids out because I wouldn't want some strange guy posting pictures of MY kids on his blog):

Inside there are lots of roaring life-size animatronic dinosaurs, slowly swishing their tails and turning their heads and, in some cases, opening their jaws to reveal large, pointy teeth which could be scary if the jaws didn't open so slowly and with such clockwork regularity; they alternately frightened and intrigued the girls:

Inside what used to be the Great Barn there is now a dino-themed play area called the Dinotorium, which was crowded and noisy and all the things Jessica hates, so I wasn't inside any longer than it took to take this picture and get dragged out (which was about long enough for me, frankly):

After seeing the dinosaurs, we got candy in the Crossroads candy store (one of our traditions), and sat outside the train depot to eat it:

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