Saturday, October 18, 2014

Scoping Out the Pumpkins

This afternoon we drove almost 70 miles to Burt's Farm in Dawsonville to pick out some pumpkins. If we'd know that approximately a million other people had the same idea, we might have stayed home (although how could we not have expected that, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, less than two weeks before Halloween?), but I'm glad we went just the same.

I think the people lined up in the back of this picture are waiting to go on the hayride:

Jessica ended up picking another pumpkin, but she wanted me to take her picture with this one:

After we left Burt's, we went to Amicalola Falls State Park and visited the lodge; Elyse had a good time riding the elevators:

Later, when we went for a walk on the trail down to the waterfall, Elyse had a walking problem and insisted on being carried some of the way:

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