Saturday, October 11, 2014

Callaway Gardens

Today we drove two hours southwest to Pine Mountain, Georgia, to go to Callaway Gardens. Elyse has been every interested in butterflies lately, and she was very excited about visiting the Day Butterfly Center, and there are lots of other good things to see there too.

Here's Elyse, dreaming about butterflies before we went into the butterfly environment:

The girls, watching the butterfly video:

Elyse, waiting for a butterfly to land on her:

A macro shot of butterflies eating an apple:

(Gross, I know.)

A macro shot of Elyse:

Mommy and Jessica:

A barred owl (or was it a barn owl?) during the Birds of Prey show:

A red-shouldered hawk in the Birds of Prey show:

Relaxing outside the Discovery Center:

Inside the Horticultural Center:

Callaway Gardens is a great place to visit, and only about 110 miles away from us--closer than Rock City! We'll be going back again soon.

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