Friday, February 28, 2014

Daddy and Elyse Go to the Zoo

Today Elyse didn't have school, and neither did I, so we went to the zoo! It was fun, even though it was still a bit chilly when we got there. (It did warm up.) We were there for about three hours, including a good (but expensive) lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

Elyse loves the meerkats:

Everyone else loves the panda cubs:

Though frankly Elyse wasn't all that impressed:

Here she is just outside the panda area, pretending to be a statue:

(I think she believes statues must have their eyes closed.)

We rode the train and the carousel, neither of which I got good pictures of, and played on the playground for a while. Elyse was really into climbing today:

Tomorrow, while Mommy and Jessica are at the zoo with the Girl Scouts, we're going to Stone Mountain to ride the train for the first time this year!

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