Friday, December 28, 2012

Pensacola Beach 2012, Day Two

The weather today was pretty good; it's been windy, but warmer than yesterday, and sunny enough to be comfortable. So this morning we went down to the pier and the beach for a nice long walk. Here are some pictures from our morning's adventures:

Posing with the Scottish pelican in front of our hotel:

The view down the beach from the pier:

A view of the beach, looking straight down from the pier:

Elyse looks down into the ocean from the pier:

Our hotel (the four-story Hampton Inn, with the green roof) seen from the pier. The big wheel on the left of the frame is the 360 Pensacola Beach observation wheel (, which we haven't (and probably won't) ride:

Elyse and Mommy feeding the seagulls (Anna's favorite part of coming to the beach):

Elyse, Jessica, and Mommy, each doing their own thing on the beach:

Pier and clouds, seen from the beach:
(The weather wasn't really as ominous as this picture makes it look.)

 A seagull, calming down after the feeding frenzy:

Wind, sand, and (no) stars:

Elyse collecting shells:

Elyse and Mommy walking up the beach:

(Click here to read about the last day of this adventure.)

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