Saturday, April 19, 2008


Jessica has a Gymboree membership, and loves to go put in a mean work out. Here are some pictures of her recent visit during their "free play" time.

First, Jessica likes to go pick out a friend from the basket of hand puppets. Here she shows off Lion:

Here she is running with Monkey (who has a twin brother who lives at our house):

Jessica loves to crawl through the various tunnels at Gymboree (note Lion and Puppy making the trip with her):

Here are a couple of pictures of Jessica running towards some source of excitement; in the second she is holding Puppy, who is second only to Kitty (somehow not captured in any of these pictures) as her favorite Gymboree friend:

(This picture looks like she's been bowling with a giant red ball, that that's not the case.)


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Wow. Is there an age limit on Gymboree memberships? Am I too old?

Look like she loves it! Thanks for the pictures, hon!

Teri said...

Careful, Jessica! Running with monkeys is dangerous!

Absolutely adorable!! Thanks for sharing!