Sunday, December 2, 2007

Long-Overdue Update

We've been so busy with the joys, frustrations, and wonders of being parents that we haven't made the time to update this site in five months now. Here are some of the highlights of what Jessica has been up to in that time:

Sometime over the summer, Jessica mastered the art of sitting up--a significant milestone for babies. She quickly got so good at it that she could simultaneously sit up and chew on a block:

During her brief sitting-up-but-not-yet-truly-mobile stage, the cats were still brave enough to approach her:

(They now give her a wide berth as she races--still on hands and knees--in their direction.)

Jessica got her first teeth at the age of four months; here she shows off two of her six teeth:

In early July, we all went to the Chattanooga area to visit the Eames family and to see some of our favorite Lookout Mountain/Chattanooga sites, such as the Tennessee Aquarium:

In early October, Jessica went to visit her Gramma and Grampa in Minnesota, where she got an early taste of winter:

Jessica has developed a great sense of humor. She thinks her mommy is the funnest, funniest person ever:

In mid-October, Jessica went to the zoo yet again, this time with not only Mommy and Daddy, but also Granny and Graddad:

Jessica has been to Stone Mountain Park many, many times--even more times than she's been to the zoo (but not nearly as many times as she's been to Borders!). Here she is with Daddy:

and exploring nature with Mommy:

Finally, during the last couple of weeks Jessica has become an absolute pro at crawling. We don't have any pictures of that because we can't keep up with her!

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