Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So Many Milestones

A lot has happened in the couple of months since the last Planet Baby Burdett entry. Here are the highlights:

Jessica was baptized at St. Matthew's Episcopal church in Snellville on May 27:

The officiants show above are Rev. P. Douglas Coil and Rev. Dr. Bradford R. Smith of St. Matthew's

That weekend she met her aunts, Molly and Theresa for the first time. Here's a picture of the whole Benoit family (plus Chris, but minus Luke):

And here's a picture of both families:

In early June, Jessica and her Mommy and Daddy went to Madison, GA, to see what has changed in the year since we moved:

(Nothing has changed, except some of the cows are in different positions now.)

In mid June, Jessica went to the zoo for the first time:

On June 24th Jessica turned five months old, and she celebrated by starting on solid foods:

(In the above picture, Jessica is eating rice cereal. Daddy wanted to give her Cap'n Crunch, but Mommy vetoed that idea.)

Finally, though we don't have a picture to represent it, another exciting milestone is that Jessica caught up to other babies her age in weight and length. When she was born she was at or below the second percentile, but is now right at the fiftieth percentile, making her exactly average for babies her age. Her weight has nearly quadrupled since she was born!

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