Friday, August 31, 2001

A Kitty Retrospective

Here, in no particular order, are twenty cat pictures covering five months, April through August, 2001:

Here's Anna holding Jupiter when he was just a little kitty:

Here's me holding Jupe:

When they were very young, Seuss taught the kitties to drink at the faucet in the bathroom:

Luna was an especially adept pupil:

Seuss and Lilly still like to keep each other company:

But Jupiter has quite a crush on his big sister, and does his best to be near her when he can:

This is Jupiter attacking one of my juggling bean bags:

Here's Tessie watching with great interest as something goes on in the living room:

Jupiter and Luna curled up asleep on a stack of pillows in the living room:

Isn't he adorable?

Seuss has done a good job of teaching Jupiter the things a male cat should know, like how to spend an afternoon sleeping on the bathroom counter: Jupe, as you can see, likes to be actually in the sink:

Tessie and Seuss both like to take naps on top of the cabinet in the kitchen:

Here are the three kittens when they were really young sleeping on the orange chair in the living room:

Here they are when they were even younger, sleeping on the sofa:

See how little they were? They're much bigger now!

Big enough to climb all the way up the ladder and try to get into the attic when I was up there putting the network cable down into Anna's office!

Portrait of Luna

Even when there was about twelve pounds difference in their size, Jupter like to try to engage Seuss in a little friendly playing:

Here's a shot of the three kittens gathered around a food bowl:

Tessie thinks Seuss makes a great pillow, and Luna thinks Tessie makes a great pillow:

* * *
I posted this on Planet Burdett back in 2001, and added it to the family blog version of the site on November 14, 2017. Tessie and Jupiter are still with us as of this date; the other cats shown above have all since left us.

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