Thursday, April 7, 2022

Spring Break in Sarasota

For the past few days, Anna and the kids have been on a road trip to Sarasota, Florida, to spend a few days at an Airbnb house with Molly and Dave and their kids. (It was only Spring Break week for one of the colleges where I teach, not both, so I stayed home so I could teach.) Here are some of the pictures they texted to me from their adventures:

This is at the Florda Welcome Center, sometime Sunday afternoon when they finally broke free of Georgia.
In the pool of the hotel where they stayed Sunday night in Gainesville, FL.
So as not to arrive in Sarasota too early Monday, and because it seemed like it would be fun, they went here for a few hours.
The pool at the rented house in Sarasota, lit up at night
The beach at Sarasota
Another picture of the pool at the rented house in Sarasota, during the day.
Anna at the bubble-tea place
The kids at the bubble-tea place
Kayaking in the Mangrove Forest
On the way home today, they stopped at Georgia's Indian Springs State Park, where this and the following pictures were taken.

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