Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Six Snapshots of a Drive Up US 441 with Jessica

Today, Jessica and I went on a drive up U.S. 441 into the Great Smoky Mountains. (Actually, in the interest of accuracy, I will admit that a lot of it is officially designated as U.S. 23, and some of the way we took I-985. But I prefer to think of it as a drive up 441.)

Here are six snapshots that summarize parts of our trip:

This is where we had lunch, in Clayton, GA. It was pretty good, and it was nice to have lunch at a place where someone comes to your table and takes your order and where some form of chicken strips don't make up the majority of the menu's offerings; however, I generally expect a place that calls itself an Italian restaurant to play something other than country music.

I hope Jessica doesn't mind me posting this picture, but the laugh here is irresistible, isn't it?

I was up in the beautiful Appalachian mountains much of the day, and yet one of my favorite photographs is of funky chickens on the side of a building.
(I might feel a little differently if I'd actually gotten any decent pictures of the mountains.)
(Also I'm very taken with all the shapes and textures and colors in this image, even without the chickens. This is on the side of the antique mall referred to below, by the way.)

Cheap plastic and kind of expensive, but cute nonetheless. -- at Yesterday's Treasures Antique Mall in Dillard, GA

The bottom floor--or some of it, anyway--of Yesterday's Treasures Antique Mall in Dillard, GA.

My attempt at capturing the beauty of the mountains in Franklin, TN, but mostly it serves as a reminder that on the way home we stopped at a Lowe's to use the bathroom.

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