Saturday, March 21, 2020

Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Today Jessica and I went out to take pictures. Since the current coronavirus-avoidance recommendations say it's a really bad idea to go to anyplace where we're likely to encounter lots of other people, I chose a spot that seemed almost certain to be deserted, but also likely to be visually interesting: a cemetery. (The fact that we enjoyed our time walking around and shooting in the cemetery in Pembroke last month also figure into this decision.)

(And actually it wasn't deserted, not strictly speaking: in the time that we were there, three or four vehicles came through with individuals or families to visit graves, deliver flowers, and so on, and there was also a woman who appeared to be walking the cemetery's paths for exercise. Still, we were at least six feet away from them--more like 60 or 600 feet away, actually--at all times, and nobody sneezed or coughed on us.)

The cemetery I picked, Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, is less than four miles from our house; I've driven by it hundreds of times and barely even noticed it. Here's a picture of one of our first views of the cemetery, from the church parking lot:

Jessica in her typical pose, taking pictures:

The church in the distance:

(The flag on the right side of the frame near the top is across the street, at a used-car lot.)  

Jessica righting a vase of plastic flowers (which she does a lot in these places):

Come Ye Blessed

J.M. Head
Sept. 11, 1829
May 9, 1910

May he find joy in the 
life everlasting.
An honest man is the
noblest work of God.

Aunt Jane Ford
Born Nov. 23, 1827
Died Sept. 18, 1901
Mother to
the Motherless

How I usually see Jessica:

One of our last views of the cemetery, just before we left:

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