Friday, April 12, 2019

The High Museum on My Birthday

Today, on my birthday--I won't say which one, because I'm still coming to grips with my age; it's a tad higher than I'm comfortable with right now--I went to the High Museum. My main reason for going was to see the William Christenberry exhibit before it ends on Sunday, but I love looking at all the art. Here are some of the pictures I took:

First, after gaining entry to the museum:

The Christenberry exhibit, and some others as well:

"The thesis of Walks to the Paradise Garden is that we rootless Americans are epiphytic.
We make up beauty out of the air, and out of nowhere." 

A few pictures of Atlanta I took through the windows:

(There were several school groups there, as you can tell from these buses.)

Some pictures in the Stent Family Wing, which when I used to come to the High in the '80s and '90s was (if I remember correctly) the whole of the museum:

A really cool 1930 (or so; I should have paid more attention to the sign) Kodak art deco folding camera, with jewel box:

American masterworks and some people appreciating them:

An Idle Moment by Daniel Ridgway Knight (ca. 1890 - 1895):

The last picture I took before I went to the car so I would be home when Elyse got back from school:

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