Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

Elyse has been so excited about Halloween this year! She and Jessica went over to Granny and Pa's yesterday after school to decorate their house (or at least the entrance to it):

We went to Granny and Pa's house this afternoon for supper--Marco's pizza--and then had a long wait until it was dark enough to go trick-or-treating. Jessica spent most of that time trying on various outfits and debating whether she wanted to go or not.

Elyse dressed up as a black cat:

In the end, Jessica decided to stay home with Pa to hand out candy; Anna and I (and for the first few minutes, my mom, until she decided to go back home) took Elyse out trick-or-treating. Elyse missed having Jessica with her, but that didn't prevent her from covering nearly the entire neighborhood, spending a full hour ringing doorbells and collecting candy. For the first few houses, Elsa D. (whom she's holding above) went with her, but Granny brought her back to the house with her when she decided to return home.

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