Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stone Mountain Christmas 2016

Today we went to Stone Mountain for the opening day of Stone Mountain Christmas for 2016. It's not that we are so taken with it that we had to go on opening day, it's just that we could get free passes this weekend for up to four guests, and we had three guests in mind: Granny, Pa, and Jeff.

We enjoyed it. Jeff hadn't been to Stone Mountain in years, so the Crossroads area was all new to him, as was Snow Mountain (which isn't open yet, but is nearly finished). We road the train, and for the first time (with the girls, anyway), we rode in a closed car, which is if nothing else warmer than being in one of the open cars (it was slightly chilly today).

Jessica didn't bring a camera, so there aren't any pictures of me, but here are some of the pictures I took:

(How can you look that unenthusiastic when there are giant cookies in front of you?) 

(Climbing on the giant rock in the parking lot is as much a draw for our girls as anything else.) 

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