Friday, August 5, 2016

Post 400: Ten Years

This is the four-hundredth post I've created for the Planet Burdett blog. It has actually be a little over ten years since I started blogging, but it was ten years ago today--August 5, 2006--that Anna and I revealed to the world that we were going to have a baby!

We didn't know yet whether it would be a boy or a girl--in fact, quite a few people were convinced it would be a boy--or anything about the challenges to come (the placenta previa condition, the trips to the ER, the early delivery via C-section and Jessica's first six days of life spent in the NICU), but we were so excited to become parents. (Scared, too--but mostly excited).

All the cliches about how fast it goes by are true. But I am so grateful I get to go through it with my beautiful wife and wonderful kids. I am truly blessed.

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