Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Last Couple of Months

I haven't been very good about updating our blog this year, but we have actually been doing things. Rather than trying to create individual entries for our various adventures during the last couple of months, I am instead going to post twenty pictures here in this one post, starting with this:

Back in February, Elyse did some "old-timey" portraits with Portraits International. The prints we bought were sepia, but I think I prefer the color versions from the CD:

Jessica took this picture on our back patio in early March:

Elyse got her face painted for Easter:

Jessica and Pa in Granny and Pa's hotel room in Chattanooga on our Spring Break trip:

And now several pictures from that Rock City trip. In the first, right in the middle you can see Elyse and her mommy crossing the swinging bridge:

Jessica took this self portrait (or "selfie" as the kids these days say) at Rock City:

A few days after my 49th birthday, I set up my backdrop and camera and took some self portraits, and also some pictures of Elyse (Jessica didn't want her picture taken, but she helped Elyse with her outfits):

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