Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Visit to the High Museum of Art

Today we took the girls to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Anna wanted to see the Mo Willems exhibit that's currently at the High, but of course we wanted to see everything else (or as much as the girls' patience would allow) too.

Going to the museum with little girls is a much different experience than going by myself or going with other adults. For example, when I went on my own a couple of months earlier, I barely noticed the Los Trompos (Spinning Tops) exhibit outside near the entrance. But with Jessica and Elyse, we stopped by and tried out each of the spinning tops before we went in. Anna and I even tried out a couple of them.

Our first stop was the Mo Willems exhibit, which was very good:

And of course we saw lots of other art, too:

This is some kind of artsy bench that visitors are allowed to sit on:

The girls did the Family Funday craft down on the main floor. The idea, I think, was to create a Mo Willems-inspired octopus out of a sock, but the girls decided to make mermaids instead:

For anyone who's never been there, here are some pictures of the interior of the High, designed by Richard Meier in the early 1980s:

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