Monday, August 11, 2014

Our First Date!

Fifteen years ago today, Anna and I went on our first date!

We met for supper at the Marco Polo Chinese restaurant in Roswell. I'm not sure she realized it was a date, since her main objective was getting me to come speak to her fourth grade class, but I thought of it as a date.

It was also, coincidentally, the same day that I bought my first digital camera (a Kodak DC210 Plus, which I still have). I used it to take a couple of pictures of us that night, though not together:

I was only 32 in the picture above, and Anna was only 23 in this one:

We went out again the following Saturday (August 14, and it was clearly a date--I made sure of that when I asked her to go), this time to the zoo. Here's a picture I took that day of Anna and her cats:

Happy Anniversary, Annie! I'm so happy to have you!

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