Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stone Mountain Lasershow with Elyse

Tonight Elyse and I went to the Stone Mountain Lasershow. She was very excited about it, mostly, I think, because she was expecting a lot of fireworks. There were some fireworks, but also some periods during songs while there were only laser-made cartoons cavorting on the mountain, and Elyse would lean back against me and say, "This is boring." However, they did include part of "Let it Go" from Frozen in the playlist, and that was pretty exciting to her. Also, she seemed to think that Stone Mountain is a kind of giant TV; I tried to explain to her that they were drawing those things on the mountain with lasers, kind of like the laser pointer we use to play with the cats sometimes. I think she understood.

The lawn was only half full, probably because it's a Sunday night and also because it has been raining off and on a lot of the day. It didn't rain at all during the show, but the ground was already soaked by the time we got there, and it didn't take long before our bottoms were too.

Elyse was a little scared of the dark as we were leaving, and also of the cat we saw slinking around Memorial Hall. She wasn't scared at first; she wanted to pet it, but I said, "Be careful, that's probably a wild cat." After that she was afraid of the cat and asked several times, "Why are there round cats?" (Apparently she doesn't know the world "wild" very well.)

She fell asleep around 11:00 on the way home and I got her into bed a few minutes ago without waking her up. Hopefully she'll sleep a good long time.

And by the way, tomorrow is Mommy's first day back at work for the 2014-2015 school year!

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