Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

As we always do, we spent Christmas Eve with Granny and Pa and Uncle Jeff, and also most of Christmas Day at Granny and Pa's house too. Here, Jessica admire's Granny and Pa's tree (and checks out all the presents beneath it):

Elyse and Jessica pose in front of the fireplace:

Tree with Presents:

Jessica with Santa:

Mommy and Elyse:

Mommy and Jessica:

Pa helps Granny get into one of her presents:


Jeff snoozes on Granny and Pa's sofa on Christmas Eve:

On Christmas morning, Jessica and Elyse tear into their presents:

A self-portrait, made using the remote control for my camera that Mom and Dad gave me for Christmas:

Mommy, and Elyse in her Merida wig (and crown, and necklace):

Anna and Jeff work on our traditional Christmas Eve/Christmas Day jigsaw puzzle:

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