Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stone Mountain with Daddy and Elyse

Elyse doesn't start school (the Threes class at Bethesda) until after Labor Day, so we've had a lot of time together, just me and her. Yesterday we took advantage of our time and went to Stone Mountain to get in one more non-weekend train ride. (At this point, the Stone Mountain train still runs on Fridays as well as on the weekends; after Labor Day, the train runs just on weekends.)

The first train ride is at 11:00, and I had intended to get there early enough to ride the first one, or maybe the second run at 11:40, but Elyse had other ideas. So, after laying on the sofa and watching "Busytown Mysteries" for half an hour, we finally headed out at 11:00. We did get there in time to buy some candy (a pre-train tradition) and get on for the 12:20 trip around the mountain.

After the train ride, we rode the Skyride to the top of the mountain and walked around for a while, shared a bag of potato chips and a bottle of water, and then went back down. I'd intended to leave the park at 2:15 so we could go straight to Jessica's school to pick her up, but we didn't even get on the Skyride to go down until 2:20. After a bathroom stop, we were in the car and headed out at 2:35. I was afraid we'd end up parked halfway down the street at Jessica's school, the last car in a long, long line, but when we got there at 3:07 we were only a car or two farther back than where we usually end up when we get there right at 3:00. (Apparently cars don't arrive in sudden droves right after 3:00 as I'd feared, or else Fridays are slower.) By 3:35 we had Jessica in the car and were on the way home.

Here are some pictures from the time Elyse and I spent together at Stone Mountain:

Relaxing on the train, eating a Hershey's Kiss:

One view from atop the mountain:

"Daddy, I'm so tired!":

Not so tired after all:

Outside, climbing on a guard rail:

Other Mountain visitors:

Playing with the Souvenir Pennies machine while waiting to catch the Skyride back down:

The view of the lawn and the Crossroads area from a Skyride cable car coming down the mountain:

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