Thursday, March 28, 2013

Helloooooo, ball!

The girls' preschool had a Father's Day event called "Tee Time with Dad." The fathers were all invited to come have a snack and a round of makeshift miniature golf with their kids.

I was showing Elyse how to play golf. I took a golfer's stance in front of the little white plastic ball, holding the tiny plastic putter in my best approximation of a Jack Nicklaus grip, and told her, "First, address the ball: Helloooooo, ball!"

Elyse thought this was hilarious (for reasons that probably don't have anything to do with why it was funny fifty years earlier when Ed Norton said it). For the next few minutes, every time she approached the ball she would say, "Helloooooo, ball!" in her sweet little three-year-old's voice, and laugh and give the ball a good whack.

These are the things that make life really wonderful, you know?

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