Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Carillon at Stone Mountain

While Anna and Jessica were in Minnesota for Thanksgiving, Elyse and I went to Stone Mountain for several hours. We did lots of things, but it seems that the thing that made the biggest impression was going to look at the Carillon; for days after our visit, Elyse talked about "the big, big instrument."

But we were there on a Monday late in the afternoon, and only got to look at the keyboard through the glass and see the speaker tower looming over the lake, but not actually hear the big, big instrument being played. So we went back this afternoon, this time with Mommy and Jessica, to see an actual Carillon concert. The Carilloneur, Mabel Sharp, played beautiful Christmas music for about half an hour. It was a wonderful experience. I recommend it.

(These pictures were all taken through the glass, but I had my lens right up against it so they came out okay.) 

This is a view of the booth that houses the keyboard, taken from the top of the small stone amphitheater:

Afterwards, we walked around the Crossroads area for a while; Jessica and Elyse paused for a moment to pose with this Santa statue:

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