Saturday, October 20, 2012

To the Pumpkin Patch with Elyse

On Friday, Elyse's class at Bethesda United Methodist Preschool went to the Pumpkin Patch to hear a couple of pumpkin stories and pick out a pumpkin. Here's Elyse with the inflatable giant pumpkin and black cat:

This is the size of pumpkin that was set aside for Elyse's class to chose from:

However, Elyse was much more interested in the bigger pumpkins:

Especially this one:

which she was convinced she could pick up:

She did eventually settle for rolling it:

One of Elyse's classmates had brought along her six-month-old sister, who just fascinated Elyse:

They developed quite a rapport:

This is Elyse with the older sister of her baby-pumpkin friend:

Bunches of pumpkins:

Bunches of preschool visitors (and their teachers):

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