Friday, June 8, 2012

Gramma and Grampa's Photo Shoot

Anna's parents have been here visiting for a few days. This morning, right after breakfast and just before they left so Anna could drive them to Aunt Carol's house for a couple of days, I had a little time to make a few pictures. (However, most of the pictures were really just Jessica and Elyse. I don't think Gramma and Grampa minded.) Here are some of the best from that pre-departure photo shoot:

(This may be my new favorite picture of Elyse.)

(They were being cats in this picture; Elyse is in mid-meow.)

(Elyse has been wearing this Cinderella swimsuit almost constantly for about a week now. She will concede to take it off to put on one of her Dora nighties for bedtime, and she'll exchange it with her pink swimsuit so I can wash this one. You can't tell, but she's wearing the Cinderella swimsuit under her blue dress in the pictures above.)

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