Friday, October 21, 2011

The Gospel According to Jessica

This afternoon, Jessica decided to read to Elyse and me from the Bible (which was actually an old issue of Animal Baby). Elyse and I sat on the sofa, and Jessica sat before us on our Fisher Price stool. She told us, "I'm going to tell you the story of Jesus." She opened up her book and began:

"Once there was a manger..."

Jessica's is the only manger-centric gospel I know of.

But maybe there's a lesson that can be learned here: even a manger--which is, after all, only a feeding trough for cows and pigs and donkeys--can be a vessel for the Divine. We would all do well to strive to rise above our usual stations and be put to such noble use.

(To put this story in a little more context: On Fridays, Jessica's class goes to chapel, and I believe this morning Father Doug told them some of the Christmas story. Also, we had been listening to Ella Fitzgerald singing "Away in a Manger," so mangers were on her mind.)

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