Thursday, September 9, 2010


We don't hear much about Rabbit anymore.

For quite a while, more than a year, we couldn't go anywhere without hearing, "That's Rabbit's house!" or "That's Rabbit's car!" We were often surprised to hear that when we went out to eat, Rabbit had chosen the same restaurant, was just a few tables away. Rabbit liked the same kind of ice cream we did. Rabbit watched the same TV shows.

But now, days, even weeks can go by without Jessica mentioning Rabbit once. And when she does, it is without the verve that Rabbit once inspired.

Sometimes I think I catch a glimpse of Rabbit out of the corner of my eye; a large white ear disppears around a corner, or a fluffy white tail hurries through just as a door closes. But I'm afraid that soon Rabbit will be gone entirely.

I really miss Rabbit.

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