Monday, May 3, 2010

The Renaissance Festival

On Sunday the four of us went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival in Fairburn. We'd been talking about it for weeks, and looking forward to it for months. This was Jessica's third trip to the Renaissance Festival, but the first time she could really appreciate at least some of what goes on there--namely, that there are lots of "princesses." Jessica wore one of her own princess dresses and also a tiara, borrowed from the dress-up trunk she has at Granny's house.

After the hour and fifteen minute drive from home, we arrived just in time for Jessica and Mommy (and Elyse, in the sling) to participate in the Maypole Dance:

Here's Jessica in a pensive moment by a pond:

Jessica rode the peasant-driven carousel, and enjoyed it a lot more than her expression indicates:

Finally, here are the King and Queen of the Festival:

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