Friday, March 5, 2010

March Update

We've decided that instead of maintaining two separate blogs for each of our girls, we're going to start using this one, Planet Burdett, for all of our Burdett news and pictures. And since we haven't done any posts on any blog in a while, here are a few pictures to show what has been going on at Planet Burdett.

For her third birthday, Jessica got a Fisher-Price KidTough digital camera, which she uses to take pictures of everything:

Here, Jessica helps Mommy prepare a spaghetti dinner:

A couple of weeks ago we had a major snow storm; here's Jessica all bundled up to go out in the snow:

And here, Jessica makes a snowman while Mommy watches:

Jessica loves her little sister, Elyse:

Sometimes Elyse likes to sleep in her swing:

But mostly she likes to hang out with Mommy:

Elyse had her one-month checkup not too long ago, and she's up to nine pounds! She's nearly two pounds up from her birth weight, which is fantastic.

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