Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Chris and Anna's Christmas Pictures (Our First Christmas Together)

Here are a few pictures taken at or around Christmas by Chris and/or Anna.

We'll start with Chris's living room, all dressed up for the Holidays:

Here's the mantle, with all of the kitties' stockings:

And here's Annie, in the process of making the kitties' stockings:

This is what Annie looked like getting the garland ready to go on the tree:

Here's Chris opening a present:

And here's Annie opening one of hers:

Seuss and Lilly watched patiently by the fireplace:

(not really--they were trying to get into everything most of the time)

As an unsuspecting Solstice played in the wrapping paper, Seuss prepared to pounce on him:

* * *

I posted these pictures on whatever Web site I had back in 1999, and added them to the current version of Planet Burdett on November 17, 2017.

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