Saturday, August 14, 1999

A Day at the Zoo (also, our first trip to the zoo together!)

The first thing one sees when entering the zoo is the flamingo habitat:

There's a rhino not too far past that; as you can see he likes to keep a distance from my camera:

Not only was the zebra camera shy, I think he was trying to moon me:

The elephant was the most camera shy of all:

The lion didn't mind being photographed:

While we were watching her, the lion got thirsty:

The baby gorilla didn't mind having his picture taken:

Willy B. was largely apathetic:

Yes, he's the hairy blob in the middle. You could almost hear the snores.

He did sit up for a while, though:

I like my car, but I really wish I could get around by riding a gorilla:

Here's Anna taking the gorilla for a test drive. I don't think she liked the idea as much as I did:

At one point as we were walking along the path, a peacock jumped out and tried to steal my wallet:

This guy wouldn't tell me how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Charms Tootsie Pop:

Komodo dragons are really cool, though this one barely moved while we were there:

The otters seemed to be having a really good time playing in the water:

Of all the wild, vicious animals I saw that day, these are my favorites:

* * *
These are all pictures I took with my (then) brand-new digital camera (a novelty in 1999; for once in my life, I was on the vanguard) on the first official, called-as-such date that Anna and I went on (though I still consider our dinner at Marco Polo a few days earlier our first date; she may not have realized that's what it was, but I did.). I don't know when I added this post to my AOL Web site or to Planet Burdett, but I put it on the family blog version of Planet Burdett on November 20, 2017 -- the same day Anna is getting ready to fly to Minnesota to visit her family for Thanksgiving.

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